We have a true passion for reptiles.

Our vision is to help all varieties of pets and pet-lovers maximize the fulfillment of their everyday interaction by providing pets with the best possible living experience.


Our Story

Nick Bahr, the owner and founder of Verge Pets, is a long time reptile owner and lover of anything and everything reptiles. Like most reptile owners, Nick couldn’t spend every day with his pets. There were times he needed to go away for a week, leaving his reptiles in the hands of friends or family. One week while he was on vacation, Nick’s grandmother was left in charge of his lizards... leading to her accidentally spilling crickets all over his room. They were still crawling around and chirping weeks later!

After that mess, 17 year old Nick thought there had to be a solution out there for this problem. But, after doing some searching, he found nothing on the market. He did find a lot of other reptile owners with the same issue, though (like you!). So with his enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit, he decided to take the matter into his own hands and solve the problem once and for all. Since then, two years later, he is still dedicated to bringing the best care to reptiles and peace of mind to their owners. After all, reptiles are fantastic creatures that deserve fantastic care.