Introducing the Automatic Reptile Feeder.


Verge Pets creates the optimal reptile experience through the Automatic Reptile Feeder, giving pet owners peace of mind away from home.


Your reptile deserves the best care at all times. Even when you can’t be there for them. The Automatic Reptile Feeder feeds reptiles that eat crickets with no outside assistance. The device holds live crickets, keeps them healthy, and dispenses them into a tank when your reptile needs it.


18,000 Days.

Verge Pets has conducted intense testing on the Automatic Reptile Feeder so that it will last you a lifetime. We ran our product for over 12 hours, constantly turning, to ensure that our product will never fail on you and your reptile.

Veterinarian Approved.

Verge Pets has talked to veterinarians from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to ensure the Automatic Reptile Feeder is safe for your reptile. Vets support the use of our product for up to a week’s time.

Safe & Reliable.

The Automatic Reptile Feeder is designed with your reptile in mind, accommodating for any potential hazards with reptile safety. Prototype after prototype we tested with feeding various reptiles and talking to customers, now we are ready to present the best solution to feeding your reptile, automatically.

 How It Works


The Automatic Reptile Feeder uses a carousel shown above to hold the crickets and cricket food. Each wedge houses the crickets and is textured to allow the crickets space to move and climb, improving survival rates. The inner compartment holds the cricket food which nourishes the cricket for the feeding period. Load this into your Automatic Reptile Feeder and you’re ready to go!