The Automatic Reptile Feeder

The Automatic Reptile Feeder holds live crickets, keeps them healthy, and dispenses them into a tank when your reptile needs it.

Shipping by USPS in 1-2 Days. 4 AAA Batteries Not Included.


Product Specifications
DIMENSIONS 6 x 6 x 3.8
WEIGHT 1.1 Pounds
Material Polypropylene


If you’ve ever owned a reptile and needed to go out of town, you understand the struggle of finding someone willing to feed your scaly friends. Now, thanks to the Automatic Reptile Feeder, that struggle is a thing of the past. Our device holds live crickets, keeps them healthy, and dispenses them to your reptiles when they need it. Plus, with its sleek structure and black color, it will blend right in with your tank! After loading the batteries and crickets into the device, your reptile will be fed every 12 hours for an extended weekend or every 24 or 48 hours for a full week. Each compartment is loaded one at a time, keeping crickets from escaping, and the device includes a low battery light to notify you when the batteries need to be replaced. So get yours today and enjoy your newfound peace of mind!