Buying a Tank for your Reptile

Reptile Tank.jpg

By: Ellen Sever

So this week I’m gonna give you guys some pointers on one of the most important basics to owning a reptile: its tank. If you’re going to have a scaly friend you’re going to need somewhere to house it because letting it roam freely around your house is a rather bad idea. But, there are lots of different tanks out there and it’s important to find one big enough for your reptile. 

When it comes to the ideal size for your tank, it really just depends on the reptile you have. Typically, smaller sized lizards and snakes such as leopard geckos or corn snakes can live comfortably in smaller tanks around the size of 10 to 20 gallons. On the other hand, large lizards or snakes such as boa constrictors or water dragons may need tanks up to 8ft x 6ft x 8ft! So it’s really important to do your research beforehand and figure out what’s ideal for your pet. However, a good rule of thumb to follow once you’ve figured out the size they need is, the bigger the better. Though they have a minimum amount of space needed, your reptile will certainly appreciate more room if you have or can find a bigger tank for them. 

So, once you’ve done the research, it’s time to actually find a tank and buy it. This is the pricey part. But, I’m gonna give you some options on where to purchase, because if you know where to look, you could get a great deal. 

  1. Buy New 

Your first option for a tank is buying new from a reptile store or chain pet store, or from websites such as Amazon or Ebay (although the price for shipping on tanks can be crazy high). This is going to be the most expensive option but it requires the least amount of effort and searching. So if you want your tank fast and you don’t mind spending the big bucks on it, this is the best option for you. 

     2. Secondhand Marketplaces

Secondhand marketplaces such as Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace are definitely the place to look if you’re searching for a deal. Now, while there isn’t a guarantee that you will find the size you need here and it can still be pricey depending on the size of the tank, you are almost guaranteed to get it cheaper than buying it new in store. Also, the prices are typically negotiable, especially if the seller has had the tank for a while and is in the mood to simply get it off their hands. The only downside to this option is that you will probably have to drive to pick it up and you will need to clean it up a little before use. However, from my experience these tanks are typically in really good condition and it is simply a case of the seller not needing it anymore. Even in great condition though, it is important to clean it out before putting your reptile in. Make sure not to use super harsh chemicals when doing this. Ideally, you should use hot water and some herp-safe terrarium cleaner and your tank will be squeaky clean. 

3. Yard Sales 

This option may be harder to find as you have to search out the garage sales in your area. And once you do find one, there is no guarantee there will be a tank there. However, garage and yard sales usually sell things super cheap and the sellers are almost always willing to negotiate a price for you.  Who knows, you could be lucky enough to stumble upon a perfectly good 35 gallon tank for $7.50 which the seller is willing to lower to $5.00 (yes this actually happened to us). So, it could be a waste of your time but it could also be a major steal, and personally I find yard sales to be fun either way because there’s always cute little trinkets to look at. 


Well, there you are. Just in case any of you out there are overwhelmed by the prices of new tanks, it’s important that you know there are more options out there than buying it new. So take some time to browse around because you never know how much you could save.

 P.S.A. before I sign out, the Automatic Reptile Feeder is a good addition to any size tank so click on the home-page to check that out ;) Bye!