Automatic Reptile Feeder: The LAUNCH

This week is a very exciting week at Verge Pets because this is the week that we finally get to bring the Automatic Reptile Feeder to you guys! It’s been a long awaited moment with trials and tribulations along the way, but we made it and it’s here. WOOHOO! 

In case you guys haven’t read the backstory to this product yet, I’m gonna give it to ya. It started a couple of years ago when Nick (the owner and creator and mastermind) struggled to find people to take care of his lizards for him when he was away on vacation or such. On one such occasion he asked his adorable grandmother to take care of them and she was… let’s say not prepared for all it entailed. She ran into a bit of an issue when trying to get the crickets into the tank and ended up spilling them all over his room, which led to them growing and chirping and doing other cricket-like things in there for weeks after. So after that, he decided that something had to be done because he did not appreciate his loud new roommates. 

So, he dove into doing some research on if there was any product on the market that would automatically feed reptiles and he discovered that there were in fact none. This led him to put his engineering brain to work and formulate an idea for a product that would do what he needed. 

Thus the Automatic Reptile Feeder was brought to life. But it took a couple years to physically create it and perfect it. But he did and now if you’re ever in need of leaving your lizard alone for a week, you don’t have to ask around to find someone willing to help you out. Also it’s super easy to use so that won’t be a problem either. Just put your batteries in, load up the cricket food and put up to 8 crickets depending on their size, and set it to your desired dispensing time (12 or 24 hours). That’s it!

So anyways, you can find all of this stuff on the website too but it was my turn to get excited (and brag a little). If you guys have any questions, Nick and his teammate Zayyan will be happy to answer them for you. I hope you guys get as excited about this as I am because these boys have put a lot of themselves into this product and I can promise you it will live up to the hype. Alrighty bye for this week!